Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong

Liz and I took a break from our Hong Kong shopping day to have lunch at the Peninsula Hotel and after fueling up on dim sum at Spring Moon, we did a little snooping...

Fans of the Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong are in for a surprise the next time they check into this legendary Grande Dame. A delightful surprise! Floor by floor, a complete renovation has transformed this already perfect hotel into a fantasy. This wasn’t just a face lift, friends...  Each floor was gutted and reconfigured with new rooms and wider corridors and the results are simply stunning. I got a sneak peak at a few of the new rooms and suites.

It’s just amazing what a good architectural team can do with $60 million. That’s how much the hotel has invested in what can only be described as a brilliant transformation. All 300 rooms have been redesigned with a luxurious residential feel. There are leather-clad closets, burl wood cabinets, sofas and chairs with retractable drink coasters, all surrounded by contemporary Chinese ink paintings and bronze tone wall sculptures. 

And the technology? Think customized digital bedside and desk tablets, preset with the guest’s preferences. These gadgets control the Peninsula World. All in-room functions, restaurant menus, hotel services (schedule your preferred time for housekeeping), and video streaming are at your fingertips.  You'll enjoy state of the art audio with noise-cancelling earphones while you cruise 90 internet TV channels. Music choices include more than 400 internet radio stations, all for enjoyment via surround-sound. Of course. 

Even the bedframes are high tech. The touch of a button raises the entire bed to allow the housekeepers better access. Just amazing.

I’ve stayed in some of the world’s best hotels, but I’ve never, NEVER seen a more perfect hotel than this new Peninsula. A visit to this stunning beauty should be on everyone’s bucket list!


Every hotel should have a shopping arcade like the one at the Pen. Small shops fill the eastern and western wings of the hotel with more on the mezzanine and still more in the basement and every big name in the world has a shop here. Stop by the concierge desk for a brochure listing all the stores in the arcade.

Don’t miss:

Maylin (now in the basement, relocated from the mezzanine) The specialty of this shop is woven leather bags, wallets and iPad sleeves, all surprisingly similar to that Italian favorite, BV. They aren’t illegal knock-offs, just very good “inspirations”.  Maylin used to make the best Birkin this side of Hermes. No more, they are still making fine bags but few are in the style of the Hermes brand. Plan to spend about $400 for a nice sac and about $75 for a wallet. Credit cards accepted.

A sad note is that years ago, in the pharmacy in the basement of The Pen, they had the best Birkin copies for $250. Alas, the pharmacy is now gone and Hong Kong keeps on moving.

Shiatzy Chen (basement) This Tiawanese designer makes men's and women's clothes as well as accessories. The look is a little bit Armani and a whole lot Asia kicked up many notches into high couture. Everything in the shop is gorgeous; prices begin at about $1000.

Peninsula Boutique (basement) This is a great place to pick up a snack for your room or gifts to take home; choices include chocolates, cookies, biscuits, all Peninsula recipes. The Peninsula XO Chili Sauce is a little pricey but a little goes a long way and your foodie friends will be very impressed! 


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  2. google peninsula pharmacy and they are still in business

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