Thursday, April 24, 2014

Primark to open in Boston

Good news for shoppers! British cheapie clothing chain, Primark, will open its first US store next year in Boston.

When this budget mega-retailer opened on Oxford Street in London a few years ago, it was the biggest news to hit the retail scene in years. In fact, opening day was a riot. Yeah, really – young fashionistas lined up for blocks and there was madness when the doors opened. It was rumored that everything in the store would sell for 1 (British) pound on opening day, but that wasn’t the case. Still, Primark is the best source in the UK for low priced fashion. Everything is ridiculously affordable; there’s not much for sale for over $20 and most items are ten bucks or less. At these throwaway prices, you can choose from the latest imitation of cat-walk trends – tops, trousers, dresses, jackets - along with lacey lingerie and cheap accessories. This is the home of the $5 t-shirt and $20 cashmere sweater.

On my last visit, there was a queue of 65 people (I counted) stretching the length of the store. I rushed to the head of the line to see what was so important and found…. the fitting rooms. After a 30 minute wait to try on clothing, there was an equally long snake-line to reach a pay station. Obviously, this isn’t the most relaxing shopping experience in London, but it’s surely one of the least expensive.

Can't wait to see the Boston store!

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