Tuesday, February 18, 2014

ThuThuySilk tailor in Hoi An Vietnam

For years, I’ve had custom clothing made in Asia… Irene Fashion, a division of W. W. Chan in Hong Kong is the best in the world, but a little pricey for most budgets. In Shenzhen, LoWu Commercial Center has a whole floor of tailors but you need to know who to see and communication can be difficult. I knew there were close to 500 tailors in the small village of Hoi An, Vietnam, so I couldn’t wait to test the waters…

First off, Hoi An is so charming (especially at night), with streets lit by thousands of colorful lanterns, and many restaurants serving fresh seafood and local delicacies. It’s easy to be distracted, but we knew we were there for a reason. Meredith (my daughter), Kaitlin (her friend) and I had a list of clothing we wanted to have made and we feared it would be a challenge to find the right tailor for the job. Well, it was easy. We were so impressed with ThuThuySilk, 60 Le Loi Street, (thuthuysilk@vnn.vn), we marched right in and got to work.

In all, we had four coats, two blazers, four shirts, two evening gowns, and three dresses made. We selected styles from the books provided, roamed through the fabric racks to find the perfect choices, and were measured from head to toe by the kind and very efficient tailor staff. I’m picky about buttons and buttonholes, so I was lead to the head seamstress’ office where there was a WALL of buttons; so much fun.

The first day we made our selections. Day two, we returned for more fittings, and the third day, our clothes were ready. A final fitting was made and while we had dinner, a couple of items were tweaked for a snugger fit and everything was ready and packed for travel when we returned.

Price? Less than $1000 for our entire order. And the quality was excellent!

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